12 Best Metal Detecting Gloves Your Hands Will Love

Here Are Our Picks for the Best Metal Detecting Gloves You Can Find

If you’re on the hunt for buried gold or silver or jewelry, then you’re going to want the best metal detecting gloves you can find.  You never know what dirty or sharp objects you’ll come in contact with, so in this article, I’m going to provide you with my favorite gloves that will protect your hands the next time you search for buried treasure! 

Waterproof Metal Detecting Gloves

Let’s start off this section by talking about gloves that easily have the craziest name on this list.

Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet Gloves

The best insulated waterproof gloves for meal detecting might just be the Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet Gloves. These gloves are thick, PVC rubber coated around the hands. They can be scrapped over rocks, metal sticks, ice, metal, iron, and remain intact and durable. 

These gloves are long and can be pulled clear up to the shoulders for use in deeper waters. In fact, they are 38 inches long, each! The gloves are also waterproof the entire length of the glove. With a good pair of waders and these gloves, you can search in deeper cold waters to find treasures. These gloves are one size fits all, and there is room for a smaller glove to be worn inside if desired. 

Keep in mind you will lose small amount of dexterity with these gloves due to the insulation. These gloves are attached to one another with a sewn elastic strap, so if you need to remove one, you do not have to worry about it falling in the water and floating away. You can hand the gloves around your neck or over your shoulder to carry them. 

These are truly one of the best metal detecting gloves you can find.   

West Chester Waterproof Hi-Dexterity Winter Work Gloves

The West Chester Waterproof Hi-Dexterity Winter Work Gloves are the perfect winter waterproof gloves for metal detecting. These gloves have a synthetic leather palm, PVC fingertip patches for durability, and ultra-soft fleece lining. 

They also have a waterproof lining to keep you dry when working in the water. Be aware, though, that unlike the last gloves, these are standard length gloves so you will not be able to submerge your arm in water like you can with the last pair of gloves. 

Carhartt Waterproof High Dexterity Glove

The Carhartt Waterproof Breathable High Dexterity Glove is a great choice for waterproof metal detecting gloves. This glove features a textured, breathable spandex shell, FastDry technology lining that wicks away sweat.  You also get Storm Defender waterproof breathable technology, which actually can stop water from getting into the glove, but makes sure to allow sweat out of the glove.

Garrett Metal Detecting Gloves

Garrett Metal Detectors actually offers one type of metal detecting glove, so if you love their metal detectors, I think it stands to reason that you just might like their gloves too. 

This glove is a lighter green and darker green combination with palm and knuckle padding to keep your hands safe against cuts and abrasions. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger of each glove are touch screen capable for use with any smart phone or tablet while detecting, so you will not need to remove your glove to check that text message or take a call. These gloves come in medium, large, and extra-large. 

Raven Metal Detecting Gloves

Raven metal detecting gloves are comfortable yet strong enough to keep your hands safe from cuts and scrapes. These gloves are thin enough to give users dexterity but will keep your hands protected. They come in medium, large, or extra-large. These gloves are black and grey, and very stylish. 

Minelab Metal Detecting Gloves

Minelab gloves for metal detecting are grey and black with the red Minelab logo. These gloves are made of synthetic leather and spandex. They offer good grip with great protection. They offer only one size, designed to fit most users. These gloves are a good mixture of dexterity and protection.

Searcher Metal Detecting Gloves

Searcher metal detecting gloves help protect your hands against all types of cuts, abrasions, and bruises when metal detecting. These gloves feature microfiber palm with foam inner padded palm, spandex back with foam padded knuckle strips, neoprene cuff with loop and hook closure, and touch screen fingertips.

They are great fitting and comfortable. These gloves come in large or extra-large with 2 color choices: black and grey or red and black. 

Top Cut Resistant Metal Detecting Gloves

Let’s begin with the DS Safety C1002.

DS Safety C1002

One of the best options for safety and affordability is the DS Safety C1002. These would be one of the best options for areas with high trash content. These gloves feature sturdy construction and level 5 cut resistance. They have high performance tensile polyurethane palm coating, they are lightweight, and comfortable, while being incredibly durable. 

They are made with a spandex liner and 13-gauge high performance polyethylene. These gloves meet standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute and are nearly 10 times stronger than leather gloves! 

These glove are lightweight and comfortable. They feature a Lycra shell that gives amazing dexterity and tactile sensitivity. The shell combined with the spandex lining is extremely flexible, allowing the fingers and wrists to move naturally. This means you will not lose dexterity using these gloves and will be able to pick up even the smallest, most difficult targets. 

The palm, thumb, saddle, and fingers are also reinforced with a non-slip cover to increase durability and allow you to grip targets better. Only the palms are waterproof on these gloves, so care should be taken near water. They are machine washable, but do not dry in a dryer except without heat. 

MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743

The MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743 is an excellent cut resistant glove that will offer a perfect combination of flexibility, grip, and comfort while keeping your hands safe from abrasions while metal detecting. These gloves are made of nylon and nitrile material, so they are ultra-lightweight. They feel almost weightless on your hands, allowing you to wear them all day without being bothered. The design of these gloves also gives you the maximum flexibility. The nitrile coating also gives you the best breathability, so these gloves are perfect on hot days.

These gloves are made using fivers and yarns with a nitrile coating on the palm, giving them a level 3 cut resistance. They ensure your hands will be adequately protected against cuts and abrasions from most metal and glass objects you encounter while metal detecting. The gloves have a soft liner for added comfort. They have smooth knitted round fingertips to give maximum sensitivity allowing you to handle smaller finds. 

GYC 713A

The GYC 713A gloves offer cut and abrasion resistance while giving great comfort for long metal detecting trips. These gloves offer the highest cut resistance of any glove on this list, at an A5. This makes them incredibly suited to high trash areas as they will protect your hands against any items you may find lurking in the ground while treasure hunting. These gloves are also heat resistant, so they are great for even the most challenging environments.

These gloves are made from high performance polyethylene, spandex, nylon, and glass fibers, with soft polyurethane palm dips to give breathability. This helps keep your hands cool and comfortable. The spandex material makes these gloves very flexible and ensures a snug fit and free movement of the hands. These gloves are not fully waterproof though, so they are best suited for use in dry areas. 

Mechanix Wear FastFit Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear FastFit Work Gloves are designed to give unmatched fit while keeping your hands cool and comfortable. One of the best features of these gloves is the TrekDry material, which is lightweight and breathable. This helps keep your hands cool and dry all day long. The thermoplastic rubber keeps the wrists properly protected yet is flexible enough to give a comfortable fit and maximum dexterity. 

These gloves are made with a synthetic leather that is touchscreen compatible so you can use your phone without the need to remove your gloves. The synthetic leather is exceptionally durable with pinched fingertips for extra protection. The thumb and index finger are reinforced with extra material so you will be more protected against injury. 

These gloves are inexpensive, easy to find, and some of the best gloves for metal detecting. 

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves are level 5 cut resistant, at 4 times stronger than leather. These gloves are unique as they are ambidextrous, meaning they will fit either hand perfectly. No more spending time looking at your gloves to determine which glove is right or left! 

Although initially made for use in the kitchen, these gloves have many uses outside the kitchen, such as metal detecting! These gloves are made from polyethylene, spandex, and fiberglass. They are machine washable, abrasion and cut resistant, and provide maximum dexterity. 

Why Should I Get Metal Detecting Gloves?

Now that we’ve discussed some of the best gloves for metal detecting on the market, I figured it would be good to address the elephant in the room—why even buy gloves for metal detecting to begin with?  Are they overrated, or is there a genuine benefit to wearing them while detecting or unearthing a buried gem or relic?

Well, in my opinion, wearing gloves when you go metal detecting can have a variety of benefits. Besides hand protection, they also give you better grip. If your hands get wet or sweaty, you may lose your grip on your metal detector and drop it. This could damage the machine. That is an expensive mistake! You may also lose your grip on your digging tool. This could ultimately hurt you or damage your tool. Gloves can help you maintain your grip even if your hands are wet or sweaty. 

Some areas where you metal detect will be wet and muddy. Some areas also have very cold water, so sometimes you want insulated and waterproof gloves. Gloves can keep your hands dry and clean, so you are not spreading mud everywhere. It can be very obnoxious to be finished metal detecting for the day only to realize you, your clothing, and all your equipment is completely covered in mud. This makes for a messy ride home and dirty vehicle!

Other areas are full of trash. Gloves can keep you from getting cut or jabbed by a piece of broken glass, sharp metal, screws, nails, or other trashy items. Not only is this painful, but it could prove dangerous to your health depending on the item that cut you. Tetanus is caused by being cut or jabbed by rusty metal. Even if you are current on your tetanus vaccination, you will want to protect yourself from the multitude of bacteria on old metals by using metal detecting gloves. 

Lastly, metal detecting gloves can keep your hands safe from rocks. If you are detecting and digging in areas with a lot of rocks, metal detecting gloves can keep you from scratching or cutting your hands on sharp or jagged rocks. Cuts and jabs can easily become infected, especially if they are not treated right away. Plus, they hurt and really put a damper on your metal detecting outing.


There are a variety of reasons to get one of these pairs of the best gloves for metal detecting. You need to ensure you protect your hands from harm while you metal detect. Your hands are your most precious tool when it comes to metal detecting. We should do all we can to protect them. Putting on a pair of gloves is a simple way to do this. 

Some areas have a lot of dirt and mud. Wearing gloves can help you and your equipment stay cleaner. While this may not seem like a big deal, when you are packing up to head home, the amount of dirt and mud you drag into your vehicle will be less. This means less clean up later. Work smarter not harder! 

If you are searching in an area with a lot of trash, you run the risk of getting cut by glass, rusty old metal, nails, screws, and other hazards. If you are searching in a rocky area, you may scrape your knuckles or fingers on rocks. Gloves are a good bet to keep your hands safe. You do not want to risk infection or tetanus because you did not want to wear gloves! 

Many of the gloves on this list offer maximum dexterity while offering maximum protection. Many are lightweight and will fit like a second skin. These are the most comfortable gloves as they feel like you are not wearing gloves. Cut resistant gloves are the best choice for metal detectorists as they will offer you the maximum protection against cuts, abrasions, and bumps. Many of these gloves are breathable, so you will not feel like your hands are sweaty and uncomfortable.

Waterproof gloves are a great option if you will be working in or near water. Waterproof glove will keep your hands dry while allowing you to seek your treasures. Some of these waterproof gloves are thing and comfortable, while others are bulkier and more built for colder weather. Bulky gloves can feel cumbersome and make you lose dexterity. Winter gloves, and the heavy-duty waterproof gloves on this list will feel that way. However, if you are metal detecting in ice cold water you will be grateful for these bulky gloves! 

Exposing your hands to extremely cold water, even when the outside temperature is not too cold, can be dangerous. There is a little-known condition called “Trench Foot,” more commonly called cold water immersion injury. This is caused when a part of the body is immersed in cold water for long periods of time. It can cause blood flow problems and can negatively impact nerve function. 

Wearing heavy-duty waterproof gloves, like the Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet Gloves, can stop this from happening. Waterproof insulated gloves will protect your hands from cold water immersion injuries and allow you to metal detect for longer. Just like you would wear waders to enter cold water, you will want good quality waterproof gloves to reach into cold water multiple times.

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