Discover Detecting is a website aimed at those who feel they need a little bit of help and advice when it comes to jumping into the metal detecting hobby.  Through a variety of our reviews of metal detectors, as well as advice and opinion articles detailing everything from searching for coins, relics, and gold to how to navigate treasure hunting on land and water (and even salt water), our site is here to help you find the perfect metal detector for not only the right price, but for your specific needs.

Metal detecting is a unique hobby.  And while some people are always on the hunt to find a buried gem that will net them a fortune, the majority of detectors are men and women (and even children) that simply enjoy the fun of unearthing metal mysteries buried inches below the ground.  It’s not so much about the worth of the metal you’ve discovered–it’s about the experience you have while out in nature either by yourself or with a loved one.

And, of course, it’s certainly about the “thrill of the hunt.”

So if you’re ready to learn about a really unique hobby, look no further than Discover Detecting.  Be sure to bookmark our website, as we’ll continue to update our site often with news stories, reviews, and articles that will help you get up and detecting in no time!