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Metal detecting is a great hobby, as there are so many places to hunt and so many things to hunt for. You can search for relics, coins, precious metals, jewelry and from sun up to sun down. You can even prospect for gold with it.

Well, in this article, I’m gong to provide hyun with my XP Deus review to help you determine if this is one of the best metal detectors your money can buy.  And to better help you make a choice, please use our table below to directly compare the XP Deus against other notable metal detectors on the market.

Garrett AT Max$$$Waterproof to 10 feet
Fisher F22 Fisher F22$$9″ Triangulated Concentric Coil
Garrett Ace 400 Garrett Ace 400$$$8.5 x 11" DD coil
Minelab Vanquish 540$Search Modes: Coin, Relic, Jewelry, Custom, All Metal

What is a Metal Detector

A metal detector is an electronic device that gives an audible or visual signal when it is close to metal. There are metal detectors made for treasure hunting and then there are metal detectors that are made for security purposes. They function similarly, however they do look completely different and serve different purposes.

There are so many machines and features available with a wide range of prices. One of my favorite machine to date is the XP Deus.  The target user for the XP Deus is anyone from beginners to experts. This machine has one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market today. While the price tag ranges from $900 to $1500 or more depending on the packages and retailer, it is definitely worth a thought when you are in the market for a new machine.

Though beginners would find this machine easy to use, they may find the price tag hard to take and get discouraged from purchasing it, despite the fact that this detector is considered to be an easy to use metal detector.

Below, take a moment to view some of the best selling metal detectors on Amazon, and then see how well they stack up to the XP Deus.

1) Garrett AT MAX
2) Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV
3) Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

Reasons to Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting for precious metals can be fun, relaxing and give you the perfect peaceful moment. You can step away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and enjoy time away. I personally enjoy just being in my own little world and working with my machine to find what treasures is hidden below the surface.

From time to time I find jewelry on the beach and manage to locate the owner and earn a reward—whether it is $5 or $100 it’s still money in my pocket. If I don’t find the owner, I eventually end up selling the item for a fair price. Again it’s still money in my pocket for doing something that relaxes me. I am not looking to get rich I just find ways to earn a little rainy day cash doing what I love.

You can help people who are looking for lost jewelry, sometimes people go to the beach and lose a sentimental ring, bracelet or watch and want someone to help find it. Sometimes there is a monetary reward and other times its just gratification that you helped someone find something that means something to him or her. For me it’s just the idea of being able to help.

There is also just the idea of the cool things that you can find. I have found areas that are known for historical events and I have found some pretty cool priceless wartime relics. I have searched old fishing villages and found old coins. You can find some pretty cool collectors items by learning about the historical areas around you.

Of course you want to make sure that there are no laws about treasure hunting and removing items from the land. You will also want to make sure that you have permission for private property.

The XP Deus makes treasure hunting anywhere fun and achievable. While it won’t get you into bombing ranges, it will definitely help you find metallic minerals that occur in the ground naturally. It’s advanced technology will also help discriminate and locate better regardless of the soil that you are hunting in. I have found that it has one of the best pin point locations of any detector on the market.

Where to Treasure Hunt

There are endless possibilities as to where to go. It’s best to take some time and research the area around where you live, you never what hidden gems might be there. I personally live in area that has several areas that were one time fishing villages, those homes and families are no longer around and the things I have found on those properties has been pretty cool. I have found places where things like the Second Seminole War battles have taken place and found musket balls, coat buttons, military rank buttons.

The only place that I have found that truly just wouldn’t give me permission to hunt was a former bombing range from WWII. They denied me permission on the possibility that my machine could detonate active bombs.

While they weren’t aware of any on the property they didn’t want to take a chance. State and National Parks are a given NO NO for treasure hunting as they have their own individual rules on disturbing the ground and removing anything from the property.

I have also found great pleasure in hunting the beaches early in the mornings before people have the opportunity to crowd them for the day.  I have not had any issues on my local beaches, but some beaches the treasure hunting rights have been reserved and you cannot hunt certain areas. Generally a Google search will tell you the possibilities of not being able to hunt in certain areas.

Regardless of where you live whether its on the beach, in the mountains, or out west in gold land, you will always want to be sure that you have permission to metal detect, disturb the ground and remove items from the property. You will also want to make sure of your states laws on finding artifacts that are historical and could possibly need to be turned over to officials rather than kept.

The XP Deus

This machine has amazing features, definitely things that are desired when purchasing a metal detector. It is a unique machine and made popular by the wireless technology it has to offer. The XP Deus Metal Detector is great for all around use by a wide range of hunters.

With the ground balance feature of the XP Deus, you can hunt virtually anywhere. My favorite place to hunt is the beach after holiday weekends, and with the ground balance, you don’t have to worry about the heavy metallic mineral content of the saltwater beaches. When hunting the beaches, especially saltwater beaches, the metallic mineral content of the sand can cause false readings and have you digging for “trash,” as many hunters call it.

Some of the key features the Deus have to offer:

  • Light Weight
  • Wireless Technology
  • Extreme Depth
  • Precise Audio and Visual Discrimination
  • Buy it Once Upgrade it for a Lifetime
  • Multiple Frequencies

Light Weight

Weighing in at only 1 pound 15 ounces without the digital display it is one of the lightest metal detectors on the market. You do not need the remote display to operate the machine. This machine can be controlled from the earphones. You can also leave the display behind when you want to.

The coil is also wireless allowing you to have less worry about broken cables and plugs.  Not to mention who wants to lug around a heavy machine for extended periods of time.

Wireless Technology

This makes the Deus a unique machine in itself. You can control the machine through the headset, you do not need to have the remote wireless display attached to the machine. Most of the features such as ground balance, frequency and more can be controlled from the wireless headset. Who doesn’t love wireless? Now throw in rechargeable batteries and you have it made.

Extreme Depth

With adjustable power and speed you can locate multiple buried objects that are close together, you can also find treasures that are buried deeper than with most machines on the market today. Some times the best treasures are buried deep and even the most popular brands may not be able to detect them.

Precise Audio and Visual Discrimination

The remote unit has a clear and easy to read display, and the audio tones are individual to their reason. You can discriminate the sounds easily and learn what they mean quickly. Sound is important when you are metal detecting, you will want to be able to decipher the different sounds that you will hear as you learn the machine. No one wants to spend their entire hunting time staring at a screen to get the information they need.

Lifetime Upgrades

You can purchase this machine once, and upgrade the software for life. There is no need to purchase a new detector every few years. Add this to the many other unique features of this machine and it quickly becomes a fan favorite. Who doesn’t love one purchase with a lifetime of upgrades. There is nothing worse than getting used to something and then having to buy something new and learn all over again. This technology makes sure you don’t have to do that.

Multiple Frequencies

With a wide range of operating frequencies, there is a wide range of treasures that you can hunt with this machine. It has perfect frequencies for gold prospecting, jewelry hunting, relic or coin hunting and more. You can search various different types of soil including the beach. I haven’t found a machine yet that can handle the wide range of frequencies that the Deus can effectively handle.

In Comparison

When you match this machine up against other popular machines on the market and the hobbyist list, you will find that the uniqueness of this machine makes the price worth it. The Deus comes out on top when you compare it against machines like

All of these are great machines, they all have their own qualities and reasons that people purchase them. With that being said they are not all wireless machines and they are not all forever machines.

This just goes to show that the price maybe worth it if you are going to use this machine for many years to come. No one on the market has been able to touch some of the technology and features that this machine has to offer.  Once you have had this machine in you hands and used it you will find that this machine is amazing.

I have truly loved my experience with this machine. If you are worried about price you can most definitely find this machine on sale online for a reduced price. You can also forgo some of the packages and build them as you grow into the hobby. When someone asks me what my favorite machine for all around metal detecting is I have to tell them all about the XP Deus. I was hesitant to spend the money on it but I am surely glad that I did.

In the End

In the end there are so many metal detectors with a wide range of prices and extras that come along with them. Some of these machines are simple to use while others are user friendly.

Some have all the features that are important to people, others have only a few features. With the right machine you can have a lot of fun and enjoyment while finding some cool treasures. After looking at the different machines on the market and playing with a several of them over the years.

I would recommend the XP Deus, it is my favorite, and I have had it for several years and enjoy it thoroughly.  It is definitely worth the price, when they say buy once and upgrade for life they really mean it.  Happy Hunting all.

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