The 7 Best Nokta Metal Detectors to Help You Unearth Treasure

Best Nokta Metal Detectors

Nokta has a full range of metal detectors for every detectorist. They sell models for deep treasure hunting, coin and relic hunting, gold hunting, underwater detectors, technical detectors, and pinpointers, for beginner to advanced detectorists. 

This article will compare 7of the best Nokta metal detectors (in our opinion) on the market.  We’ll also describe the features and specifications of each unit, compare them to other popular brands, and conclude with a recommendation for best overall Nokta detector.

And to better help you, please use our guide below which allows you to easily compare some of the popular metal detectors on the market against one another:

Garrett AT Max$$$Waterproof to 10 feet
Fisher F22 Fisher F22$$9″ Triangulated Concentric Coil
Garrett Ace 400 Garrett Ace 400$$$8.5 x 11" DD coil
Minelab Vanquish 540$Search Modes: Coin, Relic, Jewelry, Custom, All Metal

Notable Features to Keep in Mind

Before we get started, here is a list of some of the features we will be discussing when comparing these detector models:

Discrimination: Ability of the detector to distinguish targets from one another.

Ground Balancing: Allows the detector to bypass ground minerals when searching for valid targets.

-Target ID: Can distinguish between coins, junk, or potential gold; can be audio tones or visual markers on the LCD screen.

Operating Frequency: Frequency is the number of times a signal is transmitted and received by the detector per second. Low frequencies scan deeper, while high frequencies are more sensitive to small objects and gold.

Search depth: The depth at which the detector can find a target. Typically, larger coils can search deeper.

Let’s get started!

Nokta Impact

The Nokta Impact is a coin and relic detector, starting at $699. This model combines several detectors into one creating an easy to use detector for beginner and experienced detectorists. The Impact has 12 search modes: 2 non-motion, 2 all metal, and 8 discrimination. This allows users to hunt everything from relics and coins to deep caches. This model works well in different soil conditions including wet sandy beaches and parks, and operates on 3 frequencies: 5 kHz, 14 kHz, and 20 kHz.

The lower frequency would be most useful for searching targets with high conductivity (i.e. coins), while the higher frequency would detect lower conductive targets (i.e. gold). It should be noted that the multi-frequency setup of the Impact allows the user to search on only one frequency at a time, rather than using all 3 simultaneously. 

This model is quite modern, allowing users to download firmware updates from the web. Users can sync wireless headphones to the device. The unit weighs in at 4 pounds and requires 4 AA batteries. Audio identification runs from 150 Hz to 700 Hz. 

The Impact has 3 selectable target ID depths, advanced discrimination, an LED flashlight, vibrational settings, a waterproof 11” by 7” DD search coil, and a 3-setting ground balance (automatic, manual, or tracking). Nokta sells a variety of coils that can be used with the Impact. The Impact has a custom LCD screen with backlight, built in Notch filter, a gain setting (1 – 99), and numerical Target ID (1 – 99). This model has a 2-year warranty.

The Minelab Equinox 600 is a comparable product to the Nokta Impact, starting at $649. This model has 3 search frequencies as well, but the Equinox 600 can run in Multi-mode, allowing for a broader range of target ID. This feature does not work well in areas with excessive ground noise from poor soil conditions. One feature of the Equinox that is not present on the Nokta Impact is the ability to set user profiles. 

This allows up to 6 profiles to be present on the detector, with saved settings. The Equinox has manual or automatic ground balancing, and weighs slightly less than the Impact, at 3 pounds. This model does allow for wireless headphones, has a backlit LCD screen, and a rechargeable battery. The unit itself is waterproof up to 10 feet. The Equinox has a longer warranty than the Impact, at 3 years.

Nokta Gold Racer

The Nokta Gold Racer was designed to be a gold hunting device (as the name implies), starting at $599. This device operates at a very high frequency of 56 kHz, allowing the Gold Racer to detect smaller pieces of gold while discriminating the highly mineralized soils commonly found in gold fields. This model includes a waterproof 10” by 5.5” DD search coil (interchangeable with other Nokta coils), weighs 3 pounds and requires 4 AA batteries. 

The Gold Racer has 2 audio frequencies (all metal), 3 search modes (all metal, DISC 1, and DISC 2), and a 3-setting ground balance (automatic, manual, and tracking). Sensitivity can be adjusted, 1 – 99, while the screen shows numerical Target ID, 1 – 99. 

This model has a waterproof search coil and can be used in streams and rivers. Along with its discrimination abilities, the Gold Racer has iSAT (intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold), iMASK (Intelligent Masking), audio boost, tone break, and improved ergonomics. As with the Impact model, wireless headphones can be synched to this model. 

The LCD screen comes with a backlight and LED flashlight, and the model includes a pinpoint mode and depth indicator. The control layout has been simplified from previous Racer models, making it easier to use. The Gold Racer has a 2-year warranty.

Nokta Gold Kruzer

The Nokta Gold Kruzer is more expensive than the previously discussed models, at $749, but comes with more advanced features. This model operates at a higher frequency, 61 kHz, making it perfect for finding even the smallest of gold nuggets. The Gold Kruzer is fully submersible up to 16.4 feet, has extremely good discrimination, and greater depth than some other models. Four search models are featured on this model: all metal, fast, boost, and micro. 

The Gold Kruzer has Nokta’s E.U.D. function (Extra Underground Depth), which allows the detection of nuggets masked by rocks or buried deeply. Ground balancing on this unit can be done automatically, manually, or while tracking, and the unit has a pinpoint feature.  Wireless headphones can be used with this model, and firmware can be updated via USB on a PC. 

The Gold Kruzer is lightweight at just 3 pounds and features a rechargeable battery. The target ID is numerical on the custom, backlit LCD screen. This model comes with a choice of 2 coils: 10” by 5.5” waterproof concentric, or 7.5” by 4” waterproof DD coil. As with most Nokta models, the Gold Kruzer has a 2-year warranty. 

Fisher makes a comparable model to the Gold Racer and Gold Kruzer called the Gold Bug. This model is slightly less expensive, at $549, and is a great model for beginning detectorists. Like the Gold Racer, the Gold Bug has a numerical target ID, pinpoint mode, but only 2 search modes.

This model can be used with headphones, but they must be wired headphones. This model is recommended for prospecting or searching for gold nuggets. Fisher offers a longer warranty than Nokta, at 5 years. 

Nokta Simplex

The Nokta Makro Simplex is an underwater detector great for coin and relic hunting, for $299. Nokta touts this model as the first waterproof detector that offers great depth along with high end features at a reasonable price. This model is easy enough to operate for beginning detectorists and has enough features to keep more experienced detectorists happy. The Simplex is fully submersible up to 10 feet. 

This model can discriminate unwanted metals and has iron volume which can be adjusted or turned off for low iron tones. Search modes on the Simplex are all metal, field, park, or beach, and includes automatic ground balancing for highly mineralized soils and a pinpoint setting.

The Simplex features notch filtering. This model can use wireless headphones, can be set for vibration alert upon detection, and as an easy frequency shift for filter out electromagnetic interference. The Simplex has an LCD screen with backlight, a backlit keypad, and LED flashlight.

The Simplex has a retractable shaft which allows for easy transport and storage and is lightweight at just 2.9 pounds. This model has a rechargeable battery pack which works with the supplied charger or any USB power bank. Connecting the detector to a PC with a USB plug allows for firmware updates. The Simplex operates at 12 kHz and has a numerical target ID. An 11” waterproof DD search coil comes standard. This model has a 2-year warranty.

Garrett’s AT Pro is a fully submersible (up to 10 feet) all terrain detector starting at $522. This model has a numerical target ID and true roll audio allowing users to hear target audio in all-metal mode. This model operates at a slightly higher frequency than the Simplex, at 15 kHz, meaning it may do better at finding smaller targets like jewelry or small gold pieces.

Another great feature of the AT Pro is Graphic Target Analyzer which identifies the conductivity of targets. This is useful for coin hunters. This model weighs 3 pounds, requires 4 AA batteries, pinpoint mode, and notchable iron discrimination. While a great detector from a great company, users would likely do just as well with the less expensive Simplex model by Nokta.

Nokta CF77 Coin Finder

The Nokta CF77 Coin Finder is perfect for hunters seeking gold, coins, jewelry, relics, and small objects that are undetectable with other models. This model starts at $549. The CF77 reaches targets at a greater depth than other coin and relic models due to its 17.5 kHz operating frequency. This model offers stable performance, even in difficult ground conditions. This model is designed with mid-level and professional detectorists in mind. 

The CF77 has manual ground balancing and works well in highly mineralized soils and areas littered with junk. This model has 3 different audio tones to allow the user to discriminate between gold, ferrous, and non-ferrous targets, and iron audio can be turned on or off. 

The CF77 is slightly heavier than other models, at 3.5 pounds, and comes with a 9” water resistant DD search coil. There are 2 larger DD coils available for this model. Unlike other models, the CF77 does not have an LCD screen, but rather relies on audio tones for identification of targets. This model requires 8 AA batteries, giving the model approximately 30 hours of use. 

The CF77 has 3 operation modes: General (a non-discrimination mode offering maximum depth), Mode 1 and Mode 2, which are discrimination modes to filter out unwanted targets. The CF77 can be used with the external speaker, or with ¼” headphones.

Tesoro makes a similar model called the Lobo Supertraq, starting at $799. This model also has no LCD screen, relying upon audio tones for target ID. As with the Coin Finder, the Lobo Supertraq requires 8 AA batteries and comes with a ¼” headphone jack. The weight is the same, at 3.5 pounds and the coil is one inch larger, at 10”. 

The operating frequency is just slightly higher than the CF77, at 17.8 kHz. This model has silent discrimination, all metal mode, and pinpoint mode. Tesoro offers a lifetime warranty on its products, far outweighing the standard 2-year warranty of Nokta’s.

Nokta Anfibio 14

The Nokta Anfibio 14 is a rugged detector starting at $799. The Anfibio delivers superior depth with speed and performance when searching for jewelry, relics, or coins and works well in all types of soils. This model is fully submersible up to 16.4 feet and is designed to remain stable in areas with dry or wet sand, and underwater. 

This model operates at a frequency of 14 kHz. The Anfibio has excellent discrimination as well as unmasking ability, and an extra underground depth function, allowing for metals masked by ground conditions to be detectable.

This model has 8 search modes (General, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Tone, 99 tone, Beach, and Deep), 3 selectable target ID depth levels, 5 audio tones, and vibration upon target detection. Wireless headphones can be used with the Anfibio. Firmware updates are available for the Anfibio via USB on PC.

The Anfibio 14 has a retractable shaft, allowing for easy transport and storage. This model has a built-in battery providing up to 19 hours of use per charge. The LCD screen has a backlight as well as a backlit keypad. Notch filtering comes on the Anfibio, as well as automatic, manual, and tracking ground balancing. 

Target ID is numerical, displaying a number from 0 to 99. The weight of this unit is 3.7 pounds, and it comes with a waterproof 11” DD search coil but has 7 other optional coils. Nokta’s 2-year warranty is included with the purchase of this model. 

The Teknetics T2 Classic is also a rugged detector that is slightly less expensive than the Anfibio 14, at $599. Them T2 features a large LCD screen with numerical target ID, easy to use interface, pinpoint mode, double filter discrimination mode, manual ground balancing (with FASTGRAB instant ground cancelling), and a waterproof, 11” open frame bi-axial search coil designed for highly mineralized soils.

This model is not fully submersible as the Anfibio is. The T2 requires 4 AA batteries. This model operates at a slightly lower frequency than the Anfibio at 13 kHz and weighs 3.5 pounds. 

Nokta Racer 2

The Nokta Racer 2 is an upgrade to Nokta’s original Racer, featuring the same technology with more advanced performance and features, starting at $499. The Racer 2 is designed with ease of use in mind and could be enjoyed by beginner or more advanced detectorists. This model is designed for use in hunting coins and relics. The Racer 2 operates at 14 kHz with adjustable audio frequencies. This model has 5 search modes (All Metal, 2 Tone, 3 Tone, Beach, and Deep), as well as iron audio and notch filtering. 

The Racer 2 has automatic, manual, or tracking ground balancing, and a pinpoint mode. The LCD displays numerical target ID, from 0 to 99, and can be set to vibrate upon target detection. The LCD screen is not waterproof, but the Racer 2 comes with an 11” by 7” waterproof DD search coil. This model requires 4 AA batteries, and weighs 3 pounds. The Racer 2 comes with the standard 2-year warranty.

Fisher F22 is also designed for coin and relic hunting and has some of the same features. This model is less expensive, at $229. The F22 has 10 adjustable sensitivity levels, decent depth, pinpoint mode, and numerical target ID. The unit is weatherproof, but not waterproof. The coil is 11” and fully waterproof. The F22 operates at a lower frequency of 7.69 kHz and weighs only 2.3 pounds. 

The lower frequency means this detector will not do a great job of finding small pieces of gold. Most intermediate and advanced detectorists would find this model too basic, so the F22 would work well for beginning detectorists who do not want to spend a lot of money.


It is important to have list of what you are looking for in a good metal detector. It is equally important to decide what type of metal detector you are most interested in and do some research before purchasing. Some things to consider prior to purchasing are:

What targets are you looking for gold? Coins? Relics? Jewelry? All of the above? Research your specific area to find out historical information such as homestead sites, or abandoned ore mining areas.

What areas will you be detecting? It is important to find a model that works well the soils in your area. If you live in an area with old prospecting sites and gold mines, or wet, sandy beaches, the soil can be highly mineralized and give false readings on some detectors. Research the best places to detect in your area!

What features are most important? Do you want a model with an LCD screen and a backlight? Do you need a specific coil size? Will you be detecting in an area with highly mineralized soil or a lot of trash? Do you want a waterproof model? Each of these is important to consider when choosing the best detector.

How much are you willing to spend? Each company offers lower priced models, sometimes at the cost of features. Higher priced models typically have more features, but can be harder to use for beginning detectorists, and certainly may not be worth the cost for an occasional hobby detectorist.

Have you looked at reviews of each machine? It can be very helpful to read articles of watch videos of other detectorists using the machine you are considering. Getting to see the detector in action and learning some of the features it has to offer can be enormously beneficial! Be sure you are choosing the best metal detector for you!

For Beginning Detectorists

For the beginner detectorist, or those who do not want to spend a large amount of money on a detector, I would recommend the Nokta Simplex model, at $299, as the best entry level metal detector

This model is fully waterproof and works well in mineralized soils. Plus, it has most of the features of more expensive models such as numerical target ID, notch filtering, LCD screen, and adjustable sensitivity. The 11” coil covers a decent area, and the battery is rechargeable. This model would be fun for any detectorist to take on a trip to the beach or into an old homestead site!

For Mid-Level to Advanced Detectorists

For more advanced detectorists located in areas where underwater detecting is desired, I would recommend the Nokta Anfibio 14. This model works well in mineralized soils, is fully submersible, operates at a higher frequency than more inexpensive models, and has excellent discrimination. 

The firmware can be kept up to date with a PC, and it has 8 search modes. The retractable shaft allows for easy storage and transport, and the battery is built in. It is lightweight, at only 3.7 pounds, and can be used in conjunction with wireless headphones. This model offers more features than some other Nokta models without breaking the bank. 

For more advanced detectorists without need to underwater detectors, I would recommend the Nokta Gold Racer. This model operates at a high frequency of 56 kHz, meaning it could detect the smallest bits of gold of jewelry. The waterproof coil allows users to move seamlessly from land to rivers and streams, and the discrimination on the Gold Racer works well in highly mineralized soils. 

The Gold Racer has 2 audio frequencies, 3 search modes, and adjustable sensitivity, along with a numerical target ID and backlit LCD screen. This model is user friendly, but with features that more advanced detectorists are looking for. This model is reasonably priced considering the number of features the unit comes with.

One last note to add: Nokta does make several more expensive, complex, high-end metal detectors. These were not discussed in this article simply because the price range is quite high, and this article aimed to focus on more affordable options.

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